Universal Job Match site is now mandatory, but not problem free

UJDepartment for Work and Pensions announced this week that Job Centre advisers will “mandate” claimants to sign up to controversial Universal Jobmatch site.

The site has come under fire for data security issues in the past.

Fraudulent advertising

One calamity includes fake job advert postings that posed a data threat to users. Adverts included:

Universal Job Match grab



Universal Job Match Advert

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) admitted this week that:

“Management have stated that they have increased the number of checks on the site to prevent ‘bogus’ adverts appearing, but are unable to offer any cast-iron guarantees that vacancies of this type will not appear in the future.

PCS has also challenged management around employers offering jobs with salaries/wages below the national minimum wage level. Again, management state that they are constantly monitoring any misuse of the system. Although they admit that there a number of fixes to the site still to be made, for example around the geographical searches, management insist that the site popular and well used.”

The Kleeneze saga


Catalogue company Kleeneze employ distributors (who must part with money to be signed up to the company) have been criticised for “abusing” the Universal Job Match site by posting misleading adverts, in which they do not make clear who will be employing the individual.

Often masquerading under the name of ‘Findel’, Job seekers respond to these adverts and are contacted by a sales person who pushes the upfront Kleeneze fee. Individuals claim to have lost £250 due to these fees, and are left with nothing to show for it.

Cookie law


EU cookie legislation states that the choice to accept cookies on your computer must be made ‘freely’ and so websites must now alert you of tracking cookies, (this is the window that pops up asking you to accept the use of cookies.)

However, Universal Jobmatch, although now mandatory, does not offer this option.

Jobmatch site “walk-throughs”

Public and Commercial Service’s Union said this week that:

“It has been brought to the attention of PCS that some District Managers are encouraging FLAs to set up their own UJ account and then take claimants for a ‘walkthrough’ of the system. PCS has challenged the security aspect of this process and, as a result, management centrally, have issued clear instructions that this practice must stop.”

Using the Universal Jobmatch site? Get in touch with your thoughts.

Margi Murphy

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